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Purpose of this site

Connecting Investors with viable small business / start-up opportunities... 

Having experienced the difficulty in sifting through small business / start-up opportunities that are well-thought-out investments versus a "polished mess", the creators of this site designed it with the investor in mind. The purpose of this site is for you (i.e., as the investor) to confidentially submit high-level information about the type(s) of business(es) / start-up(s) you are interested in potentially investing in, and for us to provide you with viable, qualified, and ready entrepreneurs seeking funding. Your information remains confidential throughout the entire vetting and matching process. You choose your level of engagement; silent investor - equity plays - partnerships - angel investor - etc... your choice. 


How do we vet & qualify small businesses / start-ups?

As a subsidiary of nDemand Consulting, a small business consulting firm, we ensure all small businesses / start-ups are assessed prior to adding them to our qualified list. nDemand Consulting LLC is also responsible for packaging, preparing, and [ultimately] presenting each candidate to you (i.e., as the investor). You select which candidates you want to sync with, and it is our responsibility to make the warm introduction. 


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If you prefer to provide your details via other methods, feel free to call us (704.965.0781) or email us (info@investorpitchzone.com). 

Your information is completely confidential. Nothing will be shared with anyone without your express consent.
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Your information is completely confidential. Nothing will be shared with anyone without your express consent.
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Your information is completely confidential. Nothing will be shared with anyone without your express consent. Note: once the matching with small businesses / start-ups process begins, you will be required to provide proof of liquid assets to qualify the funds.

Are You an Entrepreneur Looking for Funding?

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The Investor Pitch Zone team has done several small and large investment projects for me that ranged from small-scale retail stores, to full-scale restaurants. They are always incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust them to work diligently to find my next investment even when I’m away on vacation.
— Laniece Okwara
I had a dream to create a cannabis start-up in Colorado, but had no funding and began to give up hope. I submitted my information to the investor pitch zone site, they referred me over to nDemand Consulting to help me with a business plan, business formation, and overall branding. When I finally had the chance to meet an investor, I felt ready. I highly recommend this innovative way to find funding for your venture. Colorado, here we come!
— Jeffery Templeton Jr